Clumping Bamboo Adelaide

Clumping Bamboo: Adelaide Gardeners can create a Tropical Oasis with these hardy Plants

Adelaide’s hot Mediterranean climate and coastal location can make life difficult for gardeners, especially for those whose homes are in the suburbs right on the coast. Having to deal with frost, dry summers, salt spray and high winds can make it complicated to grow any type of plant, let alone tropical varieties. However, at the Jungle in Willunga we offer various species of clumping bamboo, Adelaide gardeners will find, that thrive under these conditions.

Clumping Bamboo: Adelaide homeowners have a variety of Options

Clumping bamboo is generally preferred by anyone looking to create a tropical-looking garden in a small space. This is because clumping bamboo has a rhizome structure that is considered non-invasive and differs completely from that of running bamboo. Rhizomes are the underground stems of the plant and clumping bamboo has u-shaped rhizomes, meaning that the culms grow close together. Conversely, running bamboo has rhizomes that grow out horizontally from the plant, which is why it has a tendency to spread.

The root mass is also relatively small and the rhizomes grow out in a u-shape, with the new buds pushing through the ground and forming new canes. Clumping bamboo, Adelaide gardeners have found, tends

to grow relatively slowly in a circular pattern. Most varieties of this bamboo grow outward between 5 and 30 cm per year. The foliage tends to grow at quite a modest pace as well and will rarely exceed a metre of growth in width and height per year.

In their natural climate, most clumping bamboo species will reach a height of three to six metres at most. However, in South Australia’s climate they tend to be somewhat shorter, reaching a maximum of four to five metres.

Additionally, clumping bamboo, Adelaide residents have found, thrives in the local climate and Jungle in Willunga makes sure to stock only the species that can easily withstand cooler temperatures, high winds and salty air.

Clumping Bamboo: Adelaide nursery helps local gardeners create the gardens of their dreams

At the Jungle in Willunga, we stock a wide range of plants and clumping bamboo species, which can make it difficult to choose the right plant for your garden. However, our staff is always at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.

For example, you might want to build a screen that hides the neighbour’s home and keeps prying eyes out, but you are short on space. In this case, there are few options of clumping bamboo, Adelaide gardeners have found. There’s the Slender Weavers bamboo, which has a compact clump but grows between four to five metres in height. With green canes and beautiful foliage, this neat looking plant is ideal for small yards.

Then again, some people might prefer a flashier species of clumping bamboo, such as Gold Stripe, which has green canes with thin gold stripes. It has a slightly larger clump than the Slender Weavers bamboo and grows to approximately four metres in height.

So, whether you want to build a relatively short hedge or are looking for a taller plant that will act as a screen between homes, you will be able to find what you need at the Jungle in Willunga. Regardless of the species of clumping bamboo, Adelaide gardeners have found that this hardy plant thrives in the local climate and can help create the tropical look you desire.

Fusca Bamboo, 12 months later

Fusca Bamboo, Forestville SA planting day

Gold Stripe. August to February, SA

China Gold 10 months later (above) and planting day Clarence Gardens, SA (below)