Autumn means getting back out into the garden now that the days are cooler. Now is the perfect time to plant trees because the soil is still warm and rain is coming. It gives trees a chance to acclimatise and establish their root system before Spring when they’ll be ready to LEAP ahead. It’s also a good time to check which plants have survived or even flourished over summer (and possibly move unhappy plants or add to bare spots). For ideas on what to plant where, ask our local experts – you can create whatever look suits best: jungle vibe/desert dreams/enchanted/cottage/practical etc. For ideas on coastal gardens


We are open over Easter (apart from Good Friday). The shadehouse is chock a block with new stock and we have some great specials. Come for a walk in our Jungle Garden and meet some new characters including Wartie the Warthog! Check our FB page for more info:


Bromeliads come in a range of colours and look amazing planted under a shade canopy. Ideal under trees as they have a shallow root system, so don’t need much room. Very low maintenance once they’re established. Choose bromeliads with stiffer, colourful leaves (Neoregelias) because they’re so resilient and love our climate. Weekly overhead watering in summer is all they need. From $19.95.


Aww its Valentine’s Day soon and we encourage you to buy a living gift rather than a bunch of flowers with a use by date attached. For same cost, you can buy a plant with a pot, such as these shown (plants $12.95-orchid $24.95 + pot $16.95-24.95) and have a lasting gift which will remind your beloved how much you love them every day after day….



On these extremely hot days, it’s essential to water every day, especially your pots and hanging plants. And for large bamboo and palms in the ground, that’s at least a bucket PER PLANT. It’s even better to deep water prior to the heat, leave the hose running for a few minutes on each plant. With all this water, it’s great to also feed your plants, particularly those in pots, with an organic feed like Powerfeed to keep the nutrients in the soil.


Wow we won! Very surprised to be awarded the BEST (Little) Garden Centre in SA for 2017. Come and see why. We’re open 10-4.30 till Christmas and we’re bursting with gift ideas for even the most hard to buy for person. What about doorstops or windchimes or bonsais or wall art or a good old plant and pot. A living gift is the best type.



Looking for weird or unusual bamboo? We have 3 varieties to inspire you. Featured is Shiroshima, a beautiful variegated bamboo. It’s a running variety, so perfect to keep in a pot. $88 for 250ml pot, up to .5m high. Grows to 1 metre.

Next is Chinese Dwarf, a small, dense bamboo which grows to 2m. $39.95. Likes morning sun and part shade.

Then there is Walking Stick Bamboo. A very rare, and dense, running bamboo, also best kept in a pot. Likes sun/part shade. $125 for 400ml size, grows up to 2 metres high. Good patio plant. Preferred for use as walking sticks all over China.



Jungle Vibes is just one of the many themes to enliven your home space. Each look is designed to maximise both air quality and wellbeing, while looking great in your space too. You can download the app which allows you to take a photo of your room, then place plants into it. Cool!


Plantscaping is the latest term to describe a thriving indoor environment. Most popular Indoor plants are Philodendron, Devil’s Ivy, Sanseveria, Peace Lily and this elegant Rhapis Palm pictured. We have a broad range of these and many others. It’s incredible to think they are actually cleansing the air of toxins, allowing us to breathe better and sleep better. For ideas and more info:



“Wall art” is simply that and we have something tasty for everyone. To liven up a dead spot, to add beauty and style, to change the flavour of the room or outdoor space it only takes a a few hooks and voila! Trees, flowers and critters great and small as well as beautiful abstract designs. Instant flavour appeal.




Last minute gift ideas aplenty here at the Jungle. As well as plants and pots, there’s also a unique range of quirky gift ideas such as a metal Boab tree for your wall or traditional favs like blue and white ceramics. Or treat yourself: hey you deserve it!!! Get excited:




Dracaenas, Peace Lilies and Mother in Law’s Tongue are top of the list for reducing chemicals and toxins in your home environment according to the NASA Clean Air Study. Did you know indoor air can be more toxic than outdoors? Especially new buildings/furnishings etc. These plants reduce benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and ammonia. Plants can also assist with anxiety, depression, fatigue, confusion and stress and are great for people with asthma and allergies. Read more



Black Bamboo is so stylishly sexy! And you can take some home this Easter with 20% OFF, a fantastic saving. Perfect for courtyards, in a container or anywhere you would like a stunning feature. Looks great outside a bathroom window for example. The variety we sell grows well in Adelaide and we can give you local advice so it will grow perfectly in your garden. We are closed Good Friday, but open Saturday, Sunday and Monday. See you soon!


Create style and serenity in your home with the addition of just a few indoor plants. Dead corners are brought to life and you will also be benefiting your health, the effects are truly astounding. Just 3 plants per 10 sqm room will reduce toxins by 70%! Add cover pot and voila!



Aren’t these seagulls just cute? Great for a beach shack or to bring a new theme to an area that needs an update. There’s also whales, oars and other sealife. Stylishly made to look weathered, one would also look funky as a table centrepiece.


Tour Down Under is here! There’s a big party on Main Road between McLaren Vale and Willunga this Saturday, January 21st. Get here early to secure your picnic space-the access gets tricky after 10am.



Looking for a perfect gift for the impossible friend or relative? Have you heard of cover pots? These are pots with no drainage hole and so are perfect for tables or precious floors, leaving no stains.You can change your plant with the season, when they finish flowering or just when you feel like it! We have lots of lightweight, bright coloured pots ideal for patios or courtyards and small cover pots for indoors or the verandah table. We also have patterned blue and white pots, looking great with Peace Lilies and plain white pots that contrast well with bright flowers.


Is it too early to think about Christmas? Oh no, I hear you cry: already?!!! For gifts which are affordable, luscious and healthy, think about tropical plants. We have so many varieties and you can go all out and combine one with a beautiful pot. You could also choose wall or garden art of some description. You will definitely find something, even for those ungreen thumbs!


Congratulations to Martin D. who has won this beautiful Rhapis Palm! We know he will love having this little beauty at home. But do not despair: there will be more chances soon. In the meantime, get ready for summer by fertilising, mulching and working out where plants will go. With all this rain, the earth is definitely ready for planting, so it promises to be a great time of growth.

SA Hanging Basket Competition finalists

Congratulations to Lilian, Richard and Aleesha as our local winners of the SA Hanging Basket Competition we’ve been running at the Jungle in conjunction with the SA Nurseryman’s Assoc. They’re now off to the Adelaide Show for a statewide judging- well done!

lilian hanging basket colourrichard hanging basket foliage aleesha hanging basket creative