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Adelaide Bamboo and Tropical Plants Experts

Jungle in Willunga (formerly Fern Forest Nursery) specialises in bamboo, palms and tropical plants ideal for Adelaide conditions. So we can offer you a range of luscious plants which make your outdoor space look like that Bali hotel  you stayed at. We also have lots of indoor house plants to enliven and jungle up your home. Our staff have local knowledge, proven experience and are very friendly! Say hello to Possum, our dog, when you drive in. And check out our beautiful Jungle garden, here’s a taste >

Wow we won! We were awarded the BEST (Little) Garden Centre in SA for 2017. Come and see why. The Jungle is also a great place to bring children and explore our jungle garden right here in Willunga. We are now open 7 days a week 10am-4pm.


News from Jungle in Willunga

China Gold Bamboo

What a great way to screen a fence and create beauty along a driveway. Bamboo works so well in a narrow area like this. This is which China Gold grows well in Adelaide and has brilliant yellow canes with green stripes. They are slightly thicker than other types of...

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5 Top Tips for Adelaide Coastal Gardens

Is your coastal garden thriving or surviving this time of year? Usually plants are needing more water or a different location, but here are our top 5 tips for a successful garden near the sea. 1: Decide your look and plan your garden first. 2: Improve the soil before...

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Indoor Plants are the Go!

Plants have come inside in the last few years and it's easy to see why. Beauty and ambiance is usually the first reason, but health benefits are enormous. If you suffer from any form of allergy, low lung function, are highly sensitive etc, many plants such as...

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17th of March 2019 10:54 AM Link
Looking for sun hardy, bird loving shrubs and trees suitable for Adelaide conditions? We have lots of Native plants like flowering Grevilleas, Callistomens and Adenanthos, shown here, are also ideal for hedges as well as general garden landscaping.
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16th of March 2019 09:52 AM Link
Ah yes life was a little different back in 2011 when we first came! This is the side wall of the shop, so chock a block now with wall, pots and plants...and yes that IS Lorraine lying on the stool...
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14th of March 2019 03:40 PM Link
Blue and white pots with so much detail, bring out the best in any indoor plant. From $29.95.
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13th of March 2019 07:23 PM Link
Schefflera or Madam de Smot is a variegated shrub which looks great as a small low hedge in a shady garden. Can also be grown indoors and looks fantastic as feature with it's colourful foliage. $35. It's flanked here by Rubber trees and Monsteras. Look for them in the Indoor Plant Room, off the shop.
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12th of March 2019 07:03 PM Link
Rana is our latest raffle winner, adding this $200 Bamboo and pot to her tropical collection. Congratulations! And yes more comps coming...
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Bamboo: An instant green screen, block out neighbours, fences etc and create beauty and tranquility easily TODAY.

Our shop is bursting with wall art, pots, quirky designs of all creatures great and small.

Local expertise and the best range of tropical plants in Adelaide: Begin the transformation today. Bamboo our specialty.

Our Jungle was created over 25 years ago and is now a tropical paradise. Come and see what your place will look like in the future.

Lots of new shoots happening

“The Oldhamii was put in just over 2 years ago and the other clump, a year earlier. There are lots of new shoots happening and now the neighbours have almost disappeared!!!! I shall be visiting you again soon as I’m now doing some screening on the western side to block the late afternoon sun.” Regards Hazel, Adelaide

An amazing range of plants

“We visited this lovely nursery today, and it was well worth the trip from Angle Vale. They have an amazing range of plants, but more than this, Richard, who helped us, was very knowledgable about his products, and it appeared that he loves what he does, and this came across in the best customer service we have found, particularly in nurseries, in SA.” Cathy C. Adelaide

Blown away

“Fantastic place. This is the best nursery I’ve been to for such a long time. Very helpful staff. Huge variety of plants, pots and ornaments. This will be the first of many visits. Go have a look you will be amazed!” Patti, Adelaide

Bamboo canopy

“Lorraine is fantastic for help and advice for growing bamboo. It’s wonderful walking through the jungle to get an idea of how the bamboos will look when established and the canopies they will form. I started planting bamboo 5 years ago to screen out a 2 storey house and it disappeared about a year ago. I’m now planting down a driveway to form a shade canopy and protect the cars from the sun. What I really like is it is cooling in the summer and also a great sound proofer, as well as looking fantastic. Thank you Lorraine.” Gillian, Adelaide

Kids love the Jungle

“Beautiful gardens and plants for sale. We took our granddaughter and she couldn’t stop talking about the spider web and animal hunt through the gardens. Will be back with all 3 grandchildren.” Erin, Encounter Bay

Where to find us:

175 Main Road, Willunga SA 5172

175 Main Road, Willunga SA 5172 Jungle in Willunga
Jungle in Willunga

Jungle in Willunga (formerly Fern Forest Nursery)

OPEN 7 DAYS 10-4pm 

175 Main Road, Willunga SA 5172

Jungle in Willunga

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