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Jungle in Willunga (formerly Fern Forest Nursery) specialises in bamboo, palms and tropical plants ideal for Adelaide conditions. So we can offer you a range of luscious plants which make your outdoor space look like that Bali hotel  you stayed at. We also have lots of indoor house plants to enliven and jungle up your home. Our staff have local knowledge, proven experience and are very friendly! Say hello to Possum, our dog, when you drive in. And check out our beautiful Jungle garden, here’s a taste >

The Jungle is also a great place to bring children and explore our jungle garden right here in Willunga.

We are OPEN 10am to 4pm 7 days a week. 


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News from Jungle in Willunga

Gold Stripe luxe

Chrissy from Port Lincoln couldn't be happier with her Gold Stripe bamboo. "They settled in nicely and love their spot in our garden. We love the relaxed ambient effect our bamboos have created. Thanks for your support and advice". We couldn't be happier either - so...

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Join the Jungle in Willunga Animal Hunt

If you’re looking for an affordable activity to do with the kids, the Jungle in Willunga bamboo and tropical plant nursery offers a fun animal hunt activity. A gold coin donation of $2 pp enables you to seek out the various animal statues hidden amongst ferns, palms...

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Summer days, remember to water…

Longer, summer days are here. Gardening is top of the list (then the beach!!) A time to up the watering. For indoor plants (not succulents), it's weekly usually and watering outdoor plants can be daily for bamboo and pots in hot weather. For established...

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Jungle in Willunga
Jungle in Willunga1 day ago
Bamboo Fun Fact 1: Did you know bamboo is the fastest growing land plant in the world?? The only thing faster is sea kelp in the ocean. It's actually a giant grass - but luckily with our clumping varieties, it doesn't get out of hand. It's also very tall, making it ideal for screening.
Common give us a pic of your tallest bamboo....(this is our giant Fusca planted 18 mths ago)
Jungle in Willunga
Jungle in Willunga2 days ago
Happy, Positive Gardening
While some plants are used for the purpose of healing and health, others have been found effective to remove negative energy (toxins), offer protection either to a person or space, or to bring positive, peaceful energy upon us. What about these for a bit more positivity??
Aloe Vera
Found today in everything from cleansers to moisturizers to food products, aloe vera is often seen as a miracle plant. This powerful plant will work in your home, both protecting your space from negativity while also attracting positive energy. Simply place it near doors and on windowsills for best results.
Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
With a name like the peace lily, it should come as no surprise that this beautiful plant is known for its ability to attract and promote peace on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in our lives. An incredibly hardy plant that can survive well in even the forgotten corners of our home due to its ability to thrive in low-light conditions.
- GardenReleafAustralia. Celebrating gardening and health 21 March, 2021
Jungle in Willunga
Jungle in Willunga3 days ago
Plant Life Balance have just released their 2021 Plant Trend Report. Research during the COVID-19 pandemic found:
Over half (59.9%) of Australians believe getting outside and connecting with nature is more important now than before the pandemic.
Over half (54.4%)2 want to bring nature into their homes.
During COVID-19, some green spaces in our cities saw a 100% increase in demand (people utilising the space).
More details of the 5 major trends to come.
How have plants changed YOUR living environment over the past year?
Jungle in Willunga
Jungle in Willunga4 days ago
GARDEN RELEAF DAY 21st March, 2021
Get in a garden, get healthy, have fun
Garden Releaf is a way to connect people and communities with the health and wellness benefits of plants, gardens and gardening. Garden Releaf Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of living greenery in your life and sees garden centres across Australia celebrating together.

Watch this space for some fun Garden Releaf here at the Jungle....
Jungle in Willunga
Jungle in Willunga5 days ago
We planted this Fusca bamboo about 18 mths ago to hide the shed and now its over 4 metres high! It will grow to about 6m and is perfect for screening out neighbours, fences, units etc. Think Gracilis on steroids!!

Very upright stems and a small base means it can handle tough situations while it grows into a tall dense screen. Instant green wall.
We have 250mm pots for $110 @ 2m high already.

Bamboo: An instant green screen, block out neighbours, fences etc and create beauty and tranquility easily TODAY.

Our shop is bursting with wall art, pots, quirky designs of all creatures great and small.

Local expertise and the best range of tropical plants in Adelaide: Begin the transformation today. Bamboo our specialty.

Our Jungle was created over 25 years ago and is now a tropical paradise. Come and see what your place will look like in the future.

Lots of new shoots happening

“The Oldhamii was put in just over 2 years ago and the other clump, a year earlier. There are lots of new shoots happening and now the neighbours have almost disappeared!!!! I shall be visiting you again soon as I’m now doing some screening on the western side to block the late afternoon sun.” Regards Hazel, Adelaide

An amazing range of plants

“We visited this lovely nursery today, and it was well worth the trip from Angle Vale. They have an amazing range of plants, but more than this, Richard, who helped us, was very knowledgable about his products, and it appeared that he loves what he does, and this came across in the best customer service we have found, particularly in nurseries, in SA.” Cathy C. Adelaide

A regular visitor

I love shopping at the Jungle in Willunga have been doing this for over 10 years.
Highly recommended so many varieties and the prices are responsible. Friendly staff, helpful and great knowledge. If you are looking for something special and they haven’t got it they will go out of their way getting it in for you. Love love the place” 
Sylvia, Adelaide

Blown away

“Fantastic place. This is the best nursery I’ve been to for such a long time. Very helpful staff. Huge variety of plants, pots and ornaments. This will be the first of many visits. Go have a look you will be amazed!” Patti, Adelaide

Wonderful, happy, passionate staff

“Our number one stop when heading South of Adelaide. Wonderful, happy, friendly and passionate staff members. Trails through the lush garden and fun for Children and adults alike. There is a fantastic variety of plants – outdoor and indoor, pots, gifts, garden accessories. My children love spotting all the hiding animals “Tamlyn, Adelaide

Bamboo canopy

“Lorraine is fantastic for help and advice for growing bamboo. It’s wonderful walking through the jungle to get an idea of how the bamboos will look when established and the canopies they will form. I started planting bamboo 5 years ago to screen out a 2 storey house and it disappeared about a year ago. I’m now planting down a driveway to form a shade canopy and protect the cars from the sun. What I really like is it is cooling in the summer and also a great sound proofer, as well as looking fantastic. Thank you Lorraine.” Gillian, Adelaide

Kids love the Jungle

“Beautiful gardens and plants for sale. We took our granddaughter and she couldn’t stop talking about the spider web and animal hunt through the gardens. Will be back with all 3 grandchildren.” Erin, Encounter Bay

Oasis at Willunga

At the height of our Australian summer I recently stumbled across the Jungle In Willunga. While the pavement was melting and fence posts combusting this place was a lovely cool and serene oasis of green.” Frank, Adelaide

Where to find us:

Jungle in Willunga

Jungle in Willunga (formerly Fern Forest Nursery)

We are open 7 days a week from 10 – 4pm.

175 Main Road, Willunga SA 5172

Jungle in Willunga

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