It’s Love week with Valentine’s Day the 14th or you could just pamper Yourself with this beautiful heart shaped Fig. The perfect gift, it stands about 40cm high, is fine indoors or out and even better on special for only $25 (a saving of $10!) They have lovely red veins and the trunk grows larger at the bottom, giving it a bulbous look. They grow well in Adelaide too.



This Philodendron is White Princess and has beautiful white splashes across it’s dark green leaves. It will grow well indoors as long as it has plenty of light, otherwise on a warm patio or verandah. Of course, we also have regular deep green Philodendrons in small, medium or large which are a very well behaved indoor plant.



Hanging plants like these String of Turtles, Pearls or String of Dolphins are SO beautiful! As well as adding to your urban jungle, they’re a great feature plant and grow well in Adelaide. Both String of Pearls and Dolphins are in the Senecio family and the Turtles are a Peperomia. As succulents, they need bright, filtered light and not a lot of water – wait until the soil dries out before watering again. Come and find our Indoor Plant room next time you visit for these and lots more hanging plants.


COOL Waterplants for Summer

To create a healthy and sustainable pond in your garden, there’s a few simple guidelines. First you need a variety of plants such as shading plants like Waterlilies, Nardoo or Water Poppy. Then there’s the water conditioners like Ribbon Grass, Parrot’s Feather or Water Primrose. You can also add marginal plants such as Water Iris which add height and colour. It’s important to have fish (and don’t feed them). Ask for a Caring for Aquatic Plants handout at the counter next time you visit.


And don’t forget you can order a few of our most popular indoor plants and pots in the Shop.