Bamboo for Adelaide

Gracilis Bamboo

Gracilis (Slender Weavers) Bamboo is Australia’s most popular and it’s easy to see why.

Bamboo is one of the most versatile and fastest growing plants around, and the Jungle in Willunga has the best  range of CLUMPING, non-invasive Bamboo suitable for South Australian conditions.

Our bamboos are amazing!

There is a variety of cane (culm) colours, and when they get out of their pots and into the ground, it is great fun to watch them GROW! Plus they are beautiful. There is the whispering sound of their leaves in the breeze, and the beautiful cool shade on a hot day. In our dry climate bamboo is very hardy, has hardly any predators (only pandas) and looks GREAT!

Bamboo plants offer Beauty and Functionality

Alphonse Karr 3.jpg websize

Alphonse Karr grows 3-4 metres in Adelaide and is perfect for creating a living, green screen.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Adelaide residents have found Bamboo plants can also be very functional in the way they can be used to build living screens between homes as well as covering unsightly fences and walls. The key to creating a lovely garden with bamboo plants, Adelaide homeowners have learned, is to do a bit of planning. Firstly the amount of space you have available is important. The more space you have, the larger the bamboo plants can be. However if you have limited space, there’s no need to worry because we have clumping bamboo plants which are ideal for every garden, while still providing all the beauty and functionality you are looking for.

Clumping Bamboo plants: Adelaide gardeners swear by them

Traditionally, only Running Bamboo was available in Australia, and everyone’s aunty has a ‘nightmare’ story about ‘hard to get rid of’ bamboo. We stock CLUMPING (Sympodial) Bamboos, which are quite a different story, and they can offer a perfect solution to many landscaping dilemmas. At the Jungle in Willunga, we offer Clumping Bamboo for narrow spaces, some quick height or a wall of cover. The rhizomes of clumping Bamboo grow in a U-shape so that the new canes grow quite close to the original plant. They can be easily managed once they are the size you want, through pruning and limiting the amount of water and fertiliser you give them. Adelaide gardeners have had great results with the varieties of bamboo offered by Jungle in Willunga, because we ensure that all the species we sell won’t invade your entire garden, and will thrive in the local climate.

The only exception to this is Running Black Bamboo and you’ll soon see why.


running black

Running Black Bamboo (Phyllostrachys nigra) has beautiful black canes and abundant green leaves. It grows best in cool, damp places and is perfect for our cold South Australian climate.

Black Bamboo: Adelaide gardens get an exotic makeover

Adelaide gardeners are turning to black bamboo to add a bit of spice to their beautiful gardens, since it is a complete showstopper. The Jungle in Willunga stocks Running Black Bamboo as well as a wide variety of other species of bamboo. It is the only exception to our ‘Clumping Only’ rule.

The reason Running Black is the best black bamboo for Adelaide gardens is because it tolerates our cold winters and has striking black canes to 4 metres. Clumping black bamboos do exist, but they can’t handle our cold winters. Believe us – we’ve tried it! It doesn’t work.

Running Black Bamboo looks fabulous grown in a large pot, preferably with an eastern or southern aspect as it likes the morning sun. If you want to plant it in the garden, it is best to surround it with root barrier to restrict it’s area or grow it in a planter box. It likes moist, rich soil just like any other bamboo and can make a fantastic screen in a small garden.


Beautiful Bamboo

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