Bamboo for Adelaide

Bamboo is one of the most versatile and fastest growing plants on the planet. Here at the Jungle we offer the best range of clumping (Sympodial) bamboos to suit our Adelaide climate. These bamboo’s are non-invasive and incredibly tolerant of our cool winters, hot summers and everything in between.

Bamboo is an environmental warrior, it’s completely renewable and can replace the use of wood for nearly every application. Paper, flooring, furniture, building materials, phone cases and toothbrushes can be made from bamboo. Homewares, fabrics and clothes too, the list is endless. What’s more, bamboo fibres are far stronger than wood fibres and much less likely to warp from changing atmospheric conditions.

Bamboo is like grass, requiring plenty of water and food to keep it looking good during our spring and summers. Once mature it will require a little less water but for the first 3 years we suggest 1 bucket of water a day per plant during the warmer 9 months of the year. Bamboo will need to be watered during winter in the early years too. We suggest 1 bucket every 2-3 days.

As well as being totally beautiful, we know bamboo is brilliant at building living screens between homes and covering unsightly fences and walls. The key to creating a lovely garden with bamboo plants is to do a bit of planning first.

Firstly the amount of space you have is important. The more space you have, the larger the bamboo plants can be. However, if you have limited space, there’s no need to worry because we have clumping bamboo plants which are ideal for every garden, while still providing all the beauty and functionality you are looking for.

The second thing to consider when preparing your garden for bamboo is the soil. Bamboo likes rich nutritious soil, so we suggest improving your existing soil by adding lots of compost. We offer mushroom compost and cow manure to dig into your soil as we as rapit raiser and blood and bone to apply when planting.

Once planted, regular feeding with slow release, pellets or a liquid feed is essential. Ensure it is getting NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). These are nutrients that plants use in large amounts to grow healthy.

Bamboo is easy to look after, basically just food and water (like us!).