Bamboo suitable for South Australia

Alphonse KarrAlphonse karr bamboo web.jpg

Bambusa multiplex cv. ‘Alphonse Karr’

Average Height: 3 to 4 metres

Minimum Temperature: – 12 C

Description: Smaller screening bamboo which features beautiful stems that are yellow with green stripes. When the canes first emerge, they are pink and change to gold as they mature.

For sale:

Alphonse Karr Bamboo 200 mm pot – $75 

Alphonse Karr Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190

China Gold

Bambusa eutuloides var. viridi-vittata

Height: 4 -5 metres

Min Temp: – 5 C

Description: Brilliant yellow canes with green stripes, slightly thicker than other types of courtyard bamboo. Leaves grow entire length of cane making a green dense screen.

For sale:

China Gold Bamboo 200 mm pot – $99 

China Gold Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190 

Gold Stripe BambooGold stripe bamboo web.jpg

Bambusa multiplex cv. ‘Gold Stripe’

Height: To approximately 4 metres

Min Temp: – 9 C

Description: Numerous green canes that feature creamy golden stripes. More expansive clump which makes a good hedge.

For sale:

Gold Stripe Bamboo 200 mm pot – $94.95 

Gold Stripe Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190 

Gracilis Bamboo
Gracilis bamboo web.jpg

Bambusa textilis var. gracilis

Height: 4 -5 metres

Min Temp: – 12 C

Description: Has a compact clump, with upright green canes and beautiful foliage, a very neat looking plant. Australia’s most popular selling bamboo as it is perfect for narrow places.

For sale:

Gracilis Bamboo 200 mm pot – $94.95 

Gracilis Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190 

Green ghost bamboo web.jpg

Green Ghost Bamboo

Dendrocalamus minor amoneus

Height: 6-8 metres in SA

Min Temp: – 7 C

Description: Beautiful lime green canes that feature a darker green stripe and large drooping leaves. When young, canes have a whitish fuzz, as in the name.

For sale:

Green Ghost Bamboo 200 mm pot – $99

Green Ghost Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190

Nepalese Blue

Himalayacalamus porcatus

Height: To 4 metres

Min Temp: – 4 C

Description: Beautiful compact shade loving bamboo. Delicate, small leaved, blue bamboo from Nepal. It needs to be planted in full shade and makes a perfect, understorey plant.

For sale:

Nepalese Blue Bamboo 200 mm pot – $94.95

Nepalese Blue Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190

Oldhams bamboo web

Oldham’s Bamboo

Bambusa oldhamii

Height: 6 – 8 metres

Min Temp: – 9 C

Description: Dark green culms with a bigger clump. The shoots are edible and delicious. It has an attractive dark green culm and broad leaves.

For sale:

Oldham’s Bamboo 200 mm pot – $75

Oldham’s Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190

Running black bamboo

Running Black Bamboo

Phyllostachys nigra

Height: To 4 metres

Min Temp: – 12 C

Description: Beautiful black canes with abundant green leaves growing to about 4 metres.

For sale:

Running Black Bamboo 200 mm pot – $99 

Running Black Bamboo 250 mm pot – $125

We also sell other, unusual varieties of Bamboo suitable for Adelaide which change regularly, ask for details.