Bamboo suitable for South Australia

(We also sell other, unusual varieties of Bamboo suitable for Adelaide which change regularly, ask for details.)

Alphonse KarrAlphonse karr bamboo web.jpg

Bambusa multiplex cv. ‘Alphonse Karr’

Average Height: 3 to 4 metres

Minimum Temperature: – 12 C

Description: Smaller screening bamboo which features beautiful stems that are yellow with green stripes. When the canes first emerge, they are pink and change to gold as they mature.

For sale:

Alphonse Karr Bamboo 200 mm pot – $75 

Alphonse Karr Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190

China Gold

Bambusa eutuloides var. viridi-vittata

Height: 4 -5 metres

Min Temp: – 5 C

Description: Brilliant yellow canes with green stripes, slightly thicker than other types of courtyard bamboo. Leaves grow entire length of cane making a green dense screen.

For sale:

China Gold Bamboo 200 mm pot – $99 

China Gold Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190 

Gold Stripe BambooGold stripe bamboo web.jpg

Bambusa multiplex cv. ‘Gold Stripe’

Height: To approximately 4 metres

Min Temp: – 9 C

Description: Numerous green canes that feature creamy golden stripes. More expansive clump which makes a good hedge.

For sale:

Gold Stripe Bamboo 200 mm pot – $94.95 

Gold Stripe Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190 

Gracilis Bamboo
Gracilis bamboo web.jpg

Bambusa textilis var. gracilis

Height: 4 -5 metres

Min Temp: – 12 C

Description: Has a compact clump, with upright green canes and beautiful foliage, a very neat looking plant. Australia’s most popular selling bamboo as it is perfect for narrow places.

For sale:

Gracilis Bamboo 200 mm pot – $94.95 

Gracilis Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190 

Green ghost bamboo web.jpg

Green Ghost Bamboo

Dendrocalamus minor amoneus

Height: 6-8 metres in SA

Min Temp: – 7 C

Description: Beautiful lime green canes that feature a darker green stripe and large drooping leaves. When young, canes have a whitish fuzz, as in the name.

For sale:

Green Ghost Bamboo 200 mm pot – $99

Green Ghost Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190

Nepalese Blue

Himalayacalamus porcatus

Height: To 4 metres

Min Temp: – 4 C

Description: Beautiful compact shade loving bamboo. Delicate, small leaved, blue bamboo from Nepal. It needs to be planted in full shade and makes a perfect, understorey plant.

For sale:

Nepalese Blue Bamboo 200 mm pot – $94.95

Nepalese Blue Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190

Oldhams bamboo web

Oldham’s Bamboo

Bambusa oldhamii

Height: 6 – 8 metres

Min Temp: – 9 C

Description: Dark green culms with a bigger clump. The shoots are edible and delicious. It has an attractive dark green culm and broad leaves.

For sale:

Oldham’s Bamboo 200 mm pot – $75

Oldham’s Bamboo 300 mm pot – $190

Running black bamboo

Running Black Bamboo

Phyllostachys nigra

Height: To 4 metres

Min Temp: – 12 C

Description: Beautiful black canes with abundant green leaves growing to about 4 metres.

For sale:

Running Black Bamboo 200 mm pot – $99 

Running Black Bamboo 250 mm pot – $125