Margaret from Forestville says she is absolutely delighted at the effect created in just 1 year after planting Fusca, a large variety of Gracilis, bought at Jungle in Willunga.


Happy customer Hazel, sent in the photo above of her Gracilis (Slender Weavers Bamboo) in the middle, flanked by Alphonse Karr, to show that these bamboos from Jungle in Willunga are creating an incredible green screen. She says look at how the building next door is almost invisible.



Troy of Adelaide says he loves that his fence is being covered with dense bamboo. In just 6 months the Gold Stripe Bamboo has produced a beautiful living green screen, and everyone is impressed with the green and gold stripes.



Jeff from Adelaide is so pleased with the groundcover created by his Bangalow Palm from Jungle in Willunga flowering with Iresine he shared a picture.



Chris at Clarence Park changed his driveway in just 10 MONTHS! He says it has been transformed and the fence and neighbours have well and truly disappeared. The bamboo is China Gold and is one of Australia’s most popular bamboo species, along with Bambusa gracilis and Álphonse Karr. The photo shows it on the day of planting contrasted with the result 10 months later.


Clarence Park

Zac shared a photo of the development at his home in Seaford. He’s made a difference to the fenceline already by planting Gracilis bamboo. He is looking forward to when everybody wonders what’s behind that green screen. Well done, we’re pleased, another happy customer.