Margaret of Forestville is amazed that in just 12 months, the units next door are starting to hide behind a dense screen of beautiful green leaves. New pic coming soon, those units will be greened out by now!

Hazel just loves her Oldhamii bamboo. She was amazed when it blocked out her neighbours in only 12 months!  After all bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth….

Troy of Adelaide says he loves his fence covered with dense bamboo. In just 6 months this Gold Stripe has produced a beautiful living green screen, and everyone is impressed with the green and gold stripes. And it keeps getting better every day!

Tereza wanted to share how big her bamboo has grown in 4 years. The shed above is now completely obscured by the bamboo on the left (really the walkway is all that’s still visible). “Who says you can’t have a tropical garden in Adelaide?”

Vin and Velma from Edwardstown didn’t believe us when we said this Gracilis bamboo would screen out their shed in 12 months…well 10 months later you can see the results! Truly amazing!!

Dawn needed to block out a fence and neighbour’s house when she moved in. 12 months later and there’s only the chimney left!! And this Oldhamii will just keep getting taller and thicker, just what she wanted.

Ravish was so happy to share these before and after pics of her Gracilis bamboo. We love the contrast between the dark wood and the lush green leaves.

Chris at Clarence Park changed his driveway in just 10 MONTHS! He says it has been transformed and the fence and neighbours have well and truly disappeared. The bamboo is China Gold, one of Australia’s most popular bamboo species.


These were some of the first pics we ever received from a customer, back in 2015. The Steanes planted this Gracilis and here is what happened 13 months later. Wonder what it looks like now?