Big Bamboo

Having a beautiful garden is an amazing thing. It’s wonderful to have a private place where you can lie back end enjoy nature and a spot of sunshine. But what do you do when your neighbour decides to extend his home with a two storey monstrosity that looks like it was designed by someone with no sense of style?

Well, there’s not really much you can do because he certainly won’t be tearing his extension down. And it can be irritating. Besides being an eye-sore, your neighbour has a clear view into your garden so you can’t do anything anymore without being the centre of their attention.

You could build a wall but it would cost you a pretty penny to put one up that is so high. There is a more cost-effective and certainly prettier solution and that is big bamboo.

Big Bamboo Plants: Adelaide gardens that offer maximum Privacy

If you have quite a bit of space to spare, you can opt for big bamboo plants. Adelaide homeowners have found that big bamboo, like Oldham’s Bamboo or Green Ghost bamboo, is perfect for screening because it grows quickly and is also beautiful. It’s certainly a lot more cost-effective than trying to build a wall the same height as these plants, which can grow up to eight metres in height!

So, whether you are looking to create a tropical oasis or need to build a living screen, the best option is to go for bamboo plants. Adelaide gardeners are becoming increasingly enamoured of these amazing and hardy plants thanks to their beauty and versatility. And you can always be sure that the bamboo plants you find at the Jungle in Willunga are suited to Adelaide’s climate, so they won’t be dying on you any time soon.

Jungle in Willunga nursery offers Big Bamboo: A stylish screen for even the most irritating eyesore.

Big bamboo is a great option for anyone looking to create a large screen quickly. This is because the Jungle in Willunga stocks certain varieties of big bamboo that grow extremely quickly. It will only take a few years for these bamboos to grow large enough to completely cover a two-storey house.

These plants feature thicker canes, at approximately 75 mm in diameter, and require more space for the clump to expand. They feature larger clumps because they act as an anchor for the canes, which grow to approximately 6 metres in height.

These larger species of bamboo are often used in building and the shoots of the Bambusa oldhamii are edible.

Fusca Bamboo

Fusca Bamboo

Bambusa textilis var. fusca

Fusca is similar to Slender Weavers, but larger. This upright bamboo reaches 6-8 metres in Adelaide and has a tight clump with dark green culms.  There are few  leaves on the lower half, followed by masses of long, green pointed leaves, making this a striking bamboo.

It forms a very attractive, dense screen and is perfect for narrow spaces as it has a small base for it’s size. 6-8 metres.

Green Ghost Bamboo

Green Ghost Bamboo

Dendrocalamus minor amoneus or Green Ghost bamboo has beautiful lime green canes that feature a darker green stripe. When they are young, the canes have whitish fuzz, which is why this species is called Green Ghost bamboo.

This species of big bamboo is very easy to care for and does quite well in the cold. It has large drooping leaves and grows to about 6 metres high in South Australia’s climate. It is definitely a beautiful species of bamboo but keep in mind that it does require quite a bit of space.

Oldham’s Bamboo

Oldham’s Bamboo

Bambusa oldhamii is a great big bamboo option for anyone in Adelaide who wants to quickly create a screen between homes because it has an incredible growth rate and very attractive leaves. It has stunning canes that are dark green and features a reasonably-sized clump. The shoots can be eaten, and are a tasty addition to many Asian dishes.

Oldhamii is often used in construction. It is highly effective for the stabilisation of creek banks and providing a very effective windbreak. And, of course, it’s beautiful to look at. Grows 6-8 metres.