If you’re looking for an affordable activity to do with the kids, the Jungle in Willunga bamboo and tropical plant nursery offers a fun animal hunt activity. A gold coin donation of $2 pp enables you to seek out the various animal statues hidden amongst ferns, palms and bamboos. Tick off your successful finds on a piece of paper as you go so you can brag later. The Jungle animal hunt includes 30 or 40 animals. Included are monkeys, tigers, giraffes and warthogs, while the original resident and inspiration for the expanded hunt is ‘Peat the Panda’.

Lorraine Poole, the owner of Jungle in Willunga says “Peat’s Soil sponsored the pandas when Adelaide brought them in from China and they called me one day and asked if I wanted a panda to display in my garden”. “Of course I did, and after adding many more animals since then we are able to provide an affordable bit of fun where the kids can spend some quality time with their parents and get outdoors”.

Lorraine describes the location where the hunt is situated as a “30 year old acre of tropical jungle garden straight out of Bali”! So if you want to see and do something a bit different come along to the Jungle in Willunga  and of course, the kids are welcome. Thanks to Arj Ganesan for the original draft of this article.

We also have a giant climbing net which you can play in (limit of 5 children at a time). Don’t forget to find our Fairy Fern Garden before you go!!