Sage, Pistachio, Parakeet, Olive, Crocodile, Moss, Fern- No, these are not all new species found in the jungle here in Willunga but shades of green! The colour green brings about harmonious feelings of calm and tranquility, reminding us of nature and growth. In fact the human eye can see green more readily than any other colour in the spectrum, therefore simply being able to view it so easily creates a sense of peace within the brain!

Now more than ever we are looking for more ways to incorporate green into our lives, both inside and out- whether it be an ever growing indoor plant collection, green feature walls, or the dreaded green smoothie! But what about the kids?

In children, exposure to the colour green can help improve concentration, calm the nervous system and reduces stress. The number 1 way to see green is to get outside and immerse yourself in nature! Here at Jungle in Willunga we are surrounded by green and we love it!

We have an awesome tropical plant nursery alongside our 30 year old tropical jungle garden! Inside you’ll find our climbing web, our “wild” jungle animals waiting to be found AND our Fairy Fern garden now including a Jungle Fairy to take your photo with!  All for only a donation of $2 per person. Our jungle garden is a great opportunity to see green and soak in the outdoor- easily accessible and relaxing for parents too!  (Parents please supervise kids in the web at all times.) Open 7 days, 10-4pm. P.S Look out for our dog Possum who’s often lying around in the carpark, she loves a pat! for more inspiration…