As Summer comes to a close, watering requirements change and its easy to forget to water when clouds roll in or the mercury drops a little. Deep consistent watering is key to the health and wellbeing of your plants as we head towards the cooler parts of the year. Helping them not only stay hydrated now but also aiding in resistance over Winter. When those mild sunny days crop up, gardening is still top of the list, then off to the beach of course!

For indoor plants (not succulents), check them weekly, watering accordingly. New or young plants living outdoors can be watered daily, particularly for bamboo and plants in pots on those warmer days. For older and more established trees and shrubs it may not be so often depending on the plant. Show us your muscles mulch! Mulching comes into its own now, holding moisture and keeping the soil at an even temperature, even when the weather becomes a little more unpredictable. Come in and ask if you have any specific questions or email

Happy Gardening!!