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No one likes a frosty frond! As Winter well and truly arrives here in the jungle we still love finding ways to help our customers have flourishing gardens and happy plants- even if you are gardening in mittens!!

As the mercury drops we see growth in gardens both indoors and outdoors slow and established plants settle in for the colder months. They need less in the way of water but more in the way of maintenance in preparation for the upcoming Spring.

Gardening throughout Winter is not only good for the plants but good for you! Here are our Top 5 tips for Winter gardening to keep you and your jungle thriving!

Tip 1- When the next downpour heads your way, watch the way the water runs through and soaks (or doesn’t) into your gardens. Over the warmer seasons soil and substrate can dry out and become hydrophobic- no longer absorbing moisture efficiently. This can be easily fixed with a good wetting agent along side a seaweed based solution, also removing and appropriately composting heavier layers of Autumn leaves that may hinder water absorption helps too.

Tip 2- Watch out for weeds!! Sunny Winter days are perfect for weeding- with extra rain, weeds rejoice! Hand weeding is an effective way to keep on top of the weeds before they mature and seed, ensure to get their roots!

Tip 3- Winter is a wonderful time to prune for shape and structure on younger deciduous trees. If you have happy Hydrangeas and their flower buds have set, hack away their old woody growth. Rambunctious Roses? Prune them anytime after July for beautiful blooms come Spring. Winter is also another great time to give your Bamboo a good trim, the canes produced in Autumn are matured and firm and so are less likely to fall back when cut to height.

Tip 4- Have a veggie patch? Time for Broccoli to strut its stuff! Now is the time for brassicas- pop in your Brussel sprouts, cauliflower or cabbages. Enrich your soil with compost and plan next seasons patch!

Tip 5- Tidy the shed, the potting bench or your seed stock. Maintain, clean and prepare your gardening tools for the next season, think sharpening, cleaning dirt and debris or sanding and oiling of wooden handles!

Ferns and Indoor plants – Keep them warm over Winter! Ferns are shallow rooted plants and need a good layer of mulch to keep them warm over the Winter (and will keep them cooler over Summer) Your indoor plants need a little TLC too! Try to keep temperature even, avoid fluctuations and keep them away from fireplaces, cold drafts and heaters. Don’t over water! Indoor plants need less water over Winter, to avoid root rot, push your finger into the soil to determine if it is dry an inch or two below the surface- that’s when it’s time to bring out the watering can.

Winter is anything but boring in the garden! Although deemed the slower season for gardeners, its also the perfect time to start something new!! Plan a water feature, dream about a way to hang all those new indoor plants in your favourite corner, always start sowing your next round of veggie seedlings! So much fun to be had!

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Happy Gardening- Keep warm!!