Tropical plants

Want an Adelaide garden that transports you to the Tropics?

Create your own cool, green oasis with help and advice from Jungle in Willunga. Here is the garden that proves you CAN do it here in South Australia…YES, we have a jungle in Willunga. It’s JUNGULLUNGA !  A bit bigger than most back yards admittedly, but the principles are the same. We stock all the plants which make your outdoor space look like that Bali Hotel you stayed at, plus we can offer local advice and suggestions to help you get the look  you want.

We are the Adelaide experts in creating a tropical, jungle style garden and have a great range of luscious foliage plants such as Evergreen trees, Palms, Clumping Bamboo and Cycads for the ‘structure’, but also plenty of smaller things to ‘flesh it out’ like Ginger and Clivias, Ferns and Canna Lilies. We always have a great stock of Bromeliads which add colour through their foliage or flowers, and in the cooler months we have magnificent orchids blooming. Begin the transformation today.

Trees for an Adelaide Jungle

It’s good to have some trees for shade, humidity and structure in your South Australian garden. Plant some evergreen trees on the western side for shade in summer, such as Tuckeroo, Carob, Native Frangipanni, Magnolia or Ficus species. Deciduous trees work well where you want shade in summer, and northern sun in winter. Species which grow well in Adelaide are Chinese Pistachio, Chinese Elm and Claret Ash. We love Japanese Maples, with their delicate foliage and autumn colours, for a southern or eastern, sheltered position.


Bamboo is our favourite of course. Perfect for a quick growing screen to give privacy or as a magnificent feature for any size garden. Bamboo works particularly well with water features. Think whispering wind in the bamboo leaves and the gentle trickle of a fountain and you get the picture. Our best screening bamboos for Adelaide gardens are Gracilis (Slender Weavers), Gold Stripe and Alphonse Karr. If you need Big Bamboo, Green Ghost is fantastic and for an outstanding feature, look no further than Running Black Bamboo or China Gold. For bamboo lovers, we have lots of varieties which suit our South Oz climate as well as some unique and unusual types.

Palms and Cycads

Palms and Cycads have always been associated with the idea of a tropical oasis. Our Jungle in Willunga is testament to the variety of Palms and Cycads which thrive in Adelaide gardens. We stock a wide range of palms suitable for coastal conditions, Adelaide Hills or suburban backyards. We have both young and advanced palms available, such as Cocos, Bangalow and Majestic, and also more unusual varieties eg Chinese Windmill, Triangle and Golden Cane.

We always have plenty of Cycads in several sizes such as Japanese Sago, Burrawang and Cardboard. These ancient plants grow very slowly but make a spectacular feature in a mature garden. They tolerate sun, shade, heat and cold and provide an interesting textural element. All grow well in South Australia.


Gingers provide beautiful lush foliage underneath your jungle canopy. Easy to grow, they have fragrant leaves, some with sweet smelling flowers over the summer months. Shell Ginger has bright, yellow striped leaves, grows in a clump to 1m high in part sun and provides a great middle level plant. Best gingers for Adelaide gardens are Dwarf Cardamon, Ginger Lily and Shell Ginger.

Tropical Flowers for Adelaide

Looking for splashes of colour in your garden? There are some great plants that have a tropical look, which thrive in our climate. In full sun, Cannas, Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus do well in Adelaide producing bright blooms from spring through to autumn. Bougainvillea and Mandevilla also grow well in South Australia and have masses of flowers with wild, jungle colours when grown in full sun. In shady areas, Clivias, Cape Angels and Gardenias look beautiful. For larger shrubs, Magnolias and Camellias work well in the shade.


Bromeliads are a surprising family of over 3000 plants which belong to the pineapple family. They are native to rocky gorges in the Andes, have shallow roots and form hardy clumps at ground level. They are low maintenance because they store water in between their leaves. We grow tough Bromeliads in our Jungle in Willunga for the foliage colour, with unusual flowers a bonus. The more spectacular flowering Bromeliads are great in pots indoors, or on the verandah. Outside, Bromeliads are great in dappled light, or morning sun, and are perfect for an east facing garden in Adelaide.

Ferns and Tree Ferns for Adelaide

If you want a garden that is luxuriant with stunning foliage that offers a soft, cool ambiance, then ferns are the way to go. There are over 12,000 species of ferns (we don’t have all of these!), so there are plenty of options for you to choose from to create a cool, beautiful garden, even in dry, old Adelaide.

Jungle in Willunga sells tougher fern varieties that are able to thrive in South Australia. We have Leather Fern, Holly Fern and Birds Nest Ferns available which are lovely, shiny looking ferns and grow well in our climate. Lacy leaved Hen and Chicken, Maidenhair and Brake Ferns are always popular with good reason.

Ferns also do well in pots, which makes them an ideal option for hanging baskets. Ferns planted in pots are a great solution to bring a little life to darker areas of your home such as the bathroom. All they need is a little trimming occasionally, moist soil and liquid fertilizer annually.

Tree Ferns are great under big, shady trees. They need lots of moisture in summer but the luxuriant foliage takes tropical to the next level. We sell trunk Tree Ferns (Dicksonia antartica) 30cm to 1.5m tall, rescued from logging operations in Tasmania, which provide an instant green effect.  We also have Coin Spot tree ferns in pots, which have a slender trunk and grow quickly. There are new hybrids including Kalgoolie Gold and Little Larrakin which are more sun hardy and not too tall, which grow well in Adelaide.

Ferns and Tree Ferns are a great option and can be used to create a lush, green environment that is both beautiful and cooling. We have an extensive range of tropical style plants which we can recommend for South Australian gardens.

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