Water Plants in Adelaide

Ever been curious about how to grow Water Plants? Spring / Summer is THE time of year to create your own Bali sanctuary very easily in your Adelaide garden. Water (or Aquatic) Plants are perfect for courtyards and small gardens where you can create a peaceful, beautiful feature with plants and fish. The size is up to you – we have large, 1.5m diameter ponds available, but you can also use anything that holds a decent amount of water. The secret is to create Pond Balance with a variety of plants.


For best results, you need a variety of plants. Shading plants are Waterlilies, Nardoo or Water Poppy. Water conditioning plants (oxygenating) to take out the nutrients in the water are Ribbon Grass, Parrot’s Feather or Water Primrose etc. The ideal balance is 1 lily and 2 water conditioning plants per sq metre. Marginal plants such as Water Iris add height and colour.

  • It is important to have fish in the pond, they are a biological control in the ecosystem. Fish eat mosquito larvae and other critters, which could eat your pond plants. Don’t feed fish, food adds extra nutrients to the water and contributes to algae growth and green water.
  • You don’t need algaecide to treat algae. Growth stops naturally, and the plants and pond will find balance. New ponds may turn slightly green in the first few months, but if well stocked with plants and fish the ecosystem will balance out on its own. Just remove any algae with a net. If it continues, find the source of the nutrient. It could be leaf litter, fish food or minimal plant cover.


  • They flower well with at least 4 hours of sun.
  • They enjoy a fertiliser tablet in spring and again in summer for lots of flowers.
  • They lose their leaves and become dormant in winter and then spring back to life in August.

Follow these simple guidelines to create a healthy and sustainable pond in your garden, which enhances the environment and contributes to a better planet.