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Your Jungle

Want a garden that transports you to the tropics?

You’ve just come back from your holiday in what can only be called a tropical paradise and now you’re feeling slightly depressed. It’s understandable because you’ve left the luxuriant tropical environment to come back to Adelaide’s dry summers, strong winds and cool, rainy winters.

However, there is one way you can bring back some of that tropical paradise with you and that’s by growing bamboo plants. Adelaide may have a cooler climate than the tropical area you visited but there are plenty of bamboo species that do quite well and will help you recreate a bit of that tropical oasis you left behind.

Create your own cool, green oasis with help and advice from the Jungle in Willunga. We have a great range of luscious foliage plants such as palms, bamboo and cycads for the ‘structure’, but also plenty of smaller things to ‘flesh it out’ like ginger and clivias, ferns and canna lilies. We always have great stock of bromeliads which add colour through their foliage or flowers, and in the cooler months we have magnificent orchids blooming.

In Adelaide our conditions are a little different to the tropics: however it is still possible to do it. If you live on the coast, the best spot is   behind your home. The enclosed space will provide protection for your plants so that the winds and salt spray won’t affect them. If you don’t like the look of your fence, for example, consider one of the various courtyard bamboos we offer. These bamboos can be planted close to the fence and their limited clumping area ensures they won’t take over your yard while still masking the fence so you can enjoy a view of luscious green foliage. In the Adelaide Hills, the most popular bamboos we sell will tolerate frosts of up -10*, adding lush ferns, cycads and bromeliads to add colour, variety and texture.

You can get a good idea of what a tropical palm forest looks like by visiting our jungle, which was first planted over 20 years ago and is thriving in downtown Willunga (surrounded by vineyards!) We can also answer your questions with local knowledge and experience. Plus we’re friendly!!