Your Jungle

Want a garden that transports you to the tropics?

Plant your own cool, green oasis with help and advice from the team at Jungle in Willunga. We have a great range of luscious foliage plants such as palms, bamboo and cycads for the ‘structure’, but also plenty of smaller things to ‘flesh it out’ like ginger and clivias, ferns and canna lilies. We always have plenty of bromeliads which add colour with their foliage and flowers, and a huge range of other filler plants and succulents.

In Adelaide our conditions are a little different to the tropics: however it is still possible to create a tropical garden.

You can get a good idea of what you can achieve with palms by visiting our jungle, which was first planted over 30 years ago and is thriving in downtown Willunga (surrounded by vineyards!) We can walk you through all the different plants we have that can help you create your very own jungle and answer all your questions as we go!