Versatile and lush- this beautiful Gracilis grows happily near the pool with only a 1 metre footprint, reaching to about 4 metres high. It is Australia’s most popular clumping bamboo, perfect for narrow spots with upright green and leafy canes. Time to grab a hot cuppa, a biccy and give yourself a big pat on the back for all your hard work and enjoy your sanctuary with friends and family. BTW Keep up the water…

Check out this Gracilis and Ghost Bamboo making a statement in the corner of Roddy’s back garden! Soon you won’t see the fence and he’ll be able to trim it to any height or thickness that fits. Green Ghost bamboo grows to about 6 metres in Adelaide and has large drooping leaves, so it needs a bit of room. Gracilis grows to about 4-5m, compact, yet tall and perfect for narrow spaces due to it’s small footprint. We have a wide range of bamboo always in stock. Check our current stock here:



When Dawn moved into her new home in Blackwood she just wanted to cover her back fence. Only 18 months later and not only the fence, but the neighbour’s as well are all covered by Oldhamii bamboo – the chimney will be disappearing any day! She is absolutely thrilled with the ongoing results so far. As a keen gardener, she’s looking forward to using the big canes to grow climbing beans or make a tippee perhaps.


Chrissy from Port Lincoln couldn’t be happier with her Gold Stripe bamboo. “They settled in nicely and love their spot in our garden. We love the relaxed ambient effect our bamboos have created. Thanks for your support and advice”. We couldn’t be happier either – so thrilled to help create this paradise…Check out the view from the kitchen window!


Gold Stripe 4 months later!!


Adam from Parafield planted this Gracilis (Slender Weavers) 12 months ago and is thrilled with the result. “Some have grown to about 12 feet (4 metres) in 12 months!!” You can see how the neighbours are almost screened out now and the fence has disappeared. Looks amazing Adam!



A few years ago Tom bought three Gracilis bamboo plants from us to plant along his shed and screen the house behind. “They are going really well, I can’t believe how quickly they grow.” Tom’s now interested in pleaching, cutting the canes to the desired height and cleaning up underneath. More pics coming as he progresses…Well done, it looks great!!



“Just wanted to share how big our bamboo has grown in 4 years. Who says you can’t have a tropical garden in Adelaide?”, says Tereza of Adelaide. The difference in just 1 year is noticeable and it didn’t take long to block out the shed entirely. Thanks so much for these pics Tereza, it’s great to see such a beautiful sanctuary.



“Look at the height of this beauty Lorraine!! It’s taller than the house after just 18 months!! The humungous Bamboo is thriving!! Our own little piece of jungle! I have a very clever hubby! I designed and he constructed the deck and pergola. We have planted Japanese Wisteria and glory vines to cover the top. It’s a lovely place to sit..especially in our hammock chairs.” Enjoy Hazel and thanks for the pics…


Kylie and Dave have created a Tropical Paradise in Noarlunga with Gold Stripe Bamboo and other tropical plants. Not only does it add a striking feature to their yard, it also hides the fence and their neighbours….and the rocks just add that final WOW. Looking great guys!!!





Alphonse Karr bamboo. A very popular, smaller screening bamboo which grows 3-4m and features golden canes with green stripes. Great for a hedge with it’s moderate height and upright form. You can even eat the young shoots, very tasty!  It’s perfect for Adelaide and surrounds as it doesn’t mind cold winters.


China Gold Bamboo. What a great way to screen a fence and create beauty along a driveway. Bamboo works so well in a narrow area like this. This is which China Gold grows well in Adelaide and has brilliant yellow canes with green stripes. They are slightly thicker than other types of courtyard bamboo and leaves grow the entire length of the cane, making it a very beautiful feature plant. China Gold is a robust bamboo and will grow nearly anywhere, but not as cold tolerant as Alphonse Karr. The colour will vary if planted in full sun or shade. Perfect for courtyards or as a central feature, this is such a stunning bamboo due to the bright colours of the canes. Ideal for pleaching (cutting off leaves at the bottom so you can see the canes). Stats: Bambusa eutuloides var. viridi-vittata Height: 4 -5 metres Min Temp: – 5 C


Below: Gracilis looking great in this feature garden at Woodville North. Pleaching is the term used to trim off the leaves from the ground so the canes are exposed. They look fantastic – well done! Gracilis is Australia’s most popular bamboo and grows so well in Adelaide. Inspired yet?

Ben from Adelaide has sent us these shots of his Gold Stripe Bamboo after it’s been in the ground just 8 MONTHS! “Hi, thought I’d send in some pics of my bamboo progress. Last year you helped me with picking and caring for my bamboo, needless to say I’m pretty stoked so far with the results. The pics are of Gold stripe from July 2017 and then again today (March 2018).

And the second photos are of Gracillis planted in May and then again today (March 18). Thanks for you’re help, won’t be long until I can trim and form a proper hedge. Cheers Ben”. Looks beautiful and wow in a year or two, it will be lush jungle alright and will balance open lawn/concrete/bare fence areas.

Fusca is a large variety of Gracilis and these are 1 year old! Margaret from Forestville is absolutely delighted at the effect so far. Have a look and see what they were like when first planted. In another year they will be close to covering the windows of the building next door. Fusca grows well in Adelaide and will grow to 2 storeys and Margaret’s looking forward to her living green wall.


Gracilis (Slender Weavers Bamboo) in the middle, flanked by Alphonse Karr, these bamboo are creating an incredible green screen. Look at how the building next door is almost invisible. Alphonse Karr will grow 3-4 metres in Adelaide and both these varieties are perfect for our conditions. Thanks Hazel for sending in these photos. Fantastic!

Comparison of Gold Stripe Bamboo in just 6 months. By the end of the year, Troy of Adelaide will be very happy to have the fence covered with lovely dense bamboo. Planted in August, this Gold Stripe Bamboo is already looking good in February, just 6 months later. As well as being a living green screen, the canes will also be a feature with their green and gold stripes. Grows to 3-4 metres in Adelaide.

Vin and Velma from Edwardstown planted this Gracilis to hide their ugly shed. At the time they didn’t believe it when we said it would take about 12 months. Well, 10 months later this is the growth so far! They are delighted and excited to see how high and dense it will grow.

Jeff from Adelaide sent us in this pic of his Bangalow Palm flowering with Iresine making a splendid groundcover below. Funnily enough, we have the same combination here at the jungle and they look fantastic together. The bees have been loving the palm flowers lately.

You won’t believe how Chris at Clarence Park has changed his driveway in just 10 MONTHS! It has been transformed and the fence and neighbours have well and truly disappeared. The bamboo is China Gold and is one of Australia’s most popular bamboo species, along with Bambusa gracilis and Álphonse Karr. Here it is on the day of planting 10 months ago and then 10 months later.


Check out what Zac has created at his home in Seaford….taking a very ordinary fence, he’s made a difference already by planting Gracilis bamboo. It won’t be long before you’ll be wondering what’s behind that green screen. We’ll keep you posted. Looks fantastic immediately….well done!


Tracey from Moana has planted Bamboo in a narrow garden bed to give the fence and her garden, a makeover. Then a ground cover grass, mulch and keep the water up. Well done, simple and elegant. Keep sending them in folks –


Thanks Hazel for sending in this photo. She has created an  incredible green screen from a variety of Bamboos at her place. Look at how the building next door is almost invisible. In the middle is Gracilis, flanked on either side by Alphonse Karr which will grow 3-4 metres in Adelaide. Fantastic!

Christine OReilly Michell Park

This photo comes from Christine at Mitchell Park, what a lovely tropical walkway she’s created. We love the way the solid pavers are offset by the soft ferns and palms. Beautiful!

steanes 13 mths later web

Thanks Steanes for sending us photos of your beautiful bamboo courtyard. Using Gracilis to cover an otherwise boring, colourbond fence, this is what it looks like 13 months later: no more neighbours and a beautiful green screen. Take a look at it before. Love it!

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